Space Draw

Thank you for choosing to participate in the ProMat 2019 Space Draw! The ProMat 2019 Space Draw will commence on December 7, 2017 at 8:00 AM CST. At that time we will begin going down the list in rank order for booth selections. You can keep up with what booths are being chosen and where we are in the rank order using the links below. As we approach your turn, we will call you at the number you provided on your lease. You will then have no more than two minutes to select a booth. If you do not pick up at the number provided or you surpass the two minutes, your booth choice will revert to proxy and MHI staff will select a booth on your behalf based on your booth choices listed on your lease. There will be no second calls and there will be no call backs. Please be considerate of the other participants that are at the live event and be prepared when it is your turn to pick a booth.

All the rules regarding the designated area apply – please familiarize yourself with our FAQs ( to avoid time consuming questions during your two minute call.

You can view the floor plan as it is populated at the button below called "View Show Floor." When the floor plan is updated, there will be a notification for you to refresh the floor plan using the button on the interactive floor plan tool bar or the refresh button on your browser.

You can view the live rank order as it is updated with booth selections at the button below called "View Rank Order". To view both the rank order and the floor plan on the same page, click the button below called "Show Floor/Rank Order".

For best results, access the rank order from your desktop.