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1) AutoStand Wide

"When it comes to trailer stands, wider means safer, but it also often means slower, less ergonomic and more expensive… until now! The AutoStand Wide proudly breaks with tradition by covering two-thirds of the width of a trailer, while also being quick and easy to deploy, and featuring a much smaller ...

2) Bolt
Exhibitor IAM Robotics

As autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) have become more powerful with greater capacities and capabilities, they’ve also grown larger in size and weight -- and slower. Warehouse and manufacturing operators tell us current AMRs are either too small and not powerful enough or too big and slow. IAM Robotics ...

3) Drone-based Cycle Count Automation — Deployed remotely amidst COVID-19
Exhibitor Ware

Ware deploys self-flying drones inside warehouses to automate the cycle counting process. Using cutting edge AI, the Ware system analyzes drone imagery to extract information on license plate, SKU, location, empty locations, and more — all delivered in the Ware portal and syncable with your WMS. Ware ...