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1) Rack Collapse Prevention

A unique top supporting racking safety system which enables damaged racking structures to remain standing, and racking able to withstand single or multiple support leg impact events.

2) Automated Pallet-Handling Robot

The E Series Pallet Robot is a disruptive intelligent pallet robot in the industry. It is a perfect fusion of an AGV-shaped robot and unmanned forklift function, which can directly carry pallets without additional carriers. It can accomplish difficult movements such as rotating in place and arbitrary ...

Exhibitor Balyo Inc.

The BALYO VEENY autonomous forklift completely automates the placing and retrieval of pallets for warehouses and distribution centers that are looking to maximize space. AGVs aren't new, but with BALYO you get the intersection of AMR intelligence and the power of forklift trucks. This robotic truck is ...

4) Vsimple
Exhibitor Vsimple

We’re Vsimple, the leader in Workflow-as-a-Service. Whether you're managing processes within sales, accounting, HR or any other operational function, count on Vsimple's expertise and technology to simplify, centralize and standardize your work. Don’t waste another minute finding, learning, configuring, ...

5) OneRack
Exhibitor OneRack

We believe that everyone should be in control of their own success. When we saw that many storage rack manufacturers and other rack professionals wait days for third party structural engineers to perform preliminary design calculations or just simply answer questions, we knew they needed a tool that ...

6) Contoro Robot
Exhibitor Contoro Robotics

Contoro has developed an automated solution for offloading floor loaded containers AND can also be used to automate many functions within the warehousing industry. The robot can autonomously pick up cases, recognize the SKU/LOT text, and palletize the cases. When the robot meets a challenge it can't ...

7) Labor Intelligence
Exhibitor Veryable, Inc.

Veryable’s Labor Intelligence tool helps businesses achieve peak efficiency by calculating the exact labor needed to meet their daily demand. Users can quickly input the business’s total throughput goal, individual department’s target throughput, units per hour efficiency, and the current full-time employee ...

8) Treston Quick Edge Workstation
Exhibitor Treston Inc.

As an innovative manufacturer of industrial furniture, we have brought something completely new to the global workstation market. The Treston Quick Edge Workstation increases performance and boosts ergonomics at the same time. Workstation height is adjusted with a completely new, innovative, and user-friendly ...

9) Treston BiOX
Exhibitor Treston Inc.

Industrial customers can now easily make an environmentally conscious choice for their storage areas by choosing Treston BiOX. As an industry first, Treston launches sustainable wood-based bioplastic bins for industrial use. The carbon-neutral material for Treston BiOX bins is over 90% wood-based renewable ...

10) Caljan SLAM Line Flying Applicator
Exhibitor Caljan Inc.

Caljan SLAM Line Flying Applicator monitors all packages as they move along the conveyor. The orientation and position of each package - placed randomly on the belt - is registered. As the package approaches the labeler, the Flying Applicator moves into position above. It tracks the package momentarily, ...