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1) Automatic loading from Caljan helps parcel carriers and online retailers meet tight delivery windows
Release Date 11/16/2022 Exhibitor Caljan Inc.

Building on more than 50 years of logistic innovation, Caljan announces the latest addition to their range of Performer Telescopic Conveyor Solutions with the new AutoLoader. The AutoLoader offers fast, automatic loading 24/7, making it easier to meet small windows and short delivery times.  ...

2) Grekowicz set to Grow Caljan Inc
Release Date 11/7/2022 Exhibitor Caljan Inc.

In his new role as Managing Director of Caljan Inc. Paul Grekowicz  is keen to establish Caljan as the leader within the field of loading/unloading loose cargo in North America. Indeed it was the technical prowess of Caljan Telescopic Conveyors and the growth trajectory of the business that attracted ...

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