Festo electric motion enables OEMs to bring high-performance, value-added systems to market faster and with less risk.

ISLANDIA, NY, March 14, 2023— Festo displays the company’s latest electric automation innovations at ProMat 2023, March 20-23, McCormick Place, Chicago, Booth #N8118. 
By standardizing on Festo electric motion, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) not only gain design symmetry and a sleek, high-tech look for their Intralogistics systems, they can also manufacture more compact, flexible, and high-performance solutions. Through partnership with Festo, OEMs simplify their design and acquisition process for faster time to market; rationalize inventory for lower carrying costs; reduce risk because of interoperable, high-quality components; and improve customer support through Festo global logistics.  
Electrics with the simplicity of pneumatics
Festo features at ProMat the Simplified Motion Series (SMS) electric axes, an innovative engineering and manufacturing breakthrough. SMS axes are comparable in cost and installation ease with pneumatics. These machine-mounted electric axes offer the added advantages of low energy consumption and the data generation characteristics of servo electrics. SMS axes feature a motor with integrated servo drive and IO-Link. No other supplier offers a line of electric axes with comparable capabilities, advantages, and price of the SMS. 
Axes are available in ball screw, toothed belt, mini slide, electric cylinder, piston rod, and rotary actuator configurations. Users commission two-position actuation in minutes via onboard push buttons with no additional software needed. SMS axes have infinitely variable positioning accessible through IO-Link. IO-Link also delivers operational data for improved quality and predictive analytics ? another key differentiator compared to pneumatic actuators.  
Festo’s decentralized I/O integrates into the host PLC 
CPX-AP-I decentralized I/O seamlessly integrates with Ethernet communications networks from Rockwell, Beckhoff, Siemens, and other leading PLC manufacturers. CPX-AP-I modules accommodate over 80 digital and analog input blocks, valve manifolds, and IO-Link master modules for extensive control and data acquisition capabilities per interface. CPX-AP-I allows over 150 feet distance between modules, which is advantageous for Intralogistics systems covering sizeable areas. The extensive range of Festo and third-party I/O gives OEMs the capability to create unique customer solutions. 
Productivity tools
Festo engineering productivity tools for electric motion include SMS solutions finder, Electric Motion Sizing for error free sizing of linear and rotary electromechanical systems, Festo Automation Suite for simplified commissioning, Festo configuration tool for the CMMT-ST motor controller, and PartdataManagers – all CAD data in 2D/3D for 33,000 products. These tools are free and accessible online. 
At ProMat, Festo features the Handling Guide Online productivity tool for configuring 1D, 2D, and 3D linear planer motion systems. With Handling Guide Online, engineers using operational parameters such as speed, torque, size, and load can specify a gantry robot in as little as 20 minutes and receive a CAD file, quote, parts list, and delivery information at the end of the design session. The Handling Guide Online tool ensures components are appropriately sized for the application and interoperate. Gantries arrive as easy-to-assemble kits with a unique customer part number. Unique customer-linked part numbers simplify reordering and field support because every component ties back to the part number for easy identification.
Gantry robots for small footprint pick-and-place applications  
At ProMat, Festo demos an EXCT linear gantry robot rated at 90 picks/minute with an accuracy of + .004 inches (0.1 mm). Linear gantries, like EXCT, are specified using Handling Guide Online. These units excel at fast, flexible positioning. Located above the workspace, gantry robots are a more compact robotic pick-and-place solution than either SCARA or Delta robotics and are accurate within the entire workspace. Festo gantry robots feature a low profile and a low center of gravity, both ideal attributes for smaller workspaces. 
The demo pairs the EXCT robot with a Festo Motion Control Package (FMCP) designed control panel. FMCP auto-configures control panels based on Handling Guide Online generated data. Festo ships FMCP control panels fully assembled with components mounted and wired. OEMs simply connect power and communications cabling to the robot and use function block programming to teach the pick-and-place motion. FMCP reduces gantry robot/control panel setup from days to hours. FMCP is a game changer in terms of engineering and assembly productivity.
For more information on the advantages of working within the Festo ecosystem of less engineering overhead, fast time to market, seamless connectivity, and high-quality components, visit https://www.festo.us
Festo is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components, and controls for process and industrial automation. Celebrating 50 years in the U.S., Festo Corporation has continuously elevated the state of manufacturing with innovations and optimized motion control solutions that deliver higher performing, more profitable automated manufacturing and processing equipment. Through advanced technical and industrial education, Festo Didactic Learning Systems and its partners prepare workers for current and future manufacturing technologies. 

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