At ProMat 2023, Ideal Warehouse Innovations will introduce their new line of Air Quality Control (AQC) products, featuring the AtomikAir industrial-strength air filtration system.

Toronto, Canada – Ideal Warehouse Innovations, leaders in loading dock and warehouse safety, will be at ProMat 2023 (Chicago, Mar 20-23, 2023) with one of their newest products on display – The AtomikAir air filtration system.
The AtomikAir, one of a family of new AQC products in the Ideal Warehouse Innovations lineup, is an industrial strength whirlwind, able to process up to 1 million cubic feet of air per hour. Its MERV13 filters capture particles as small as 0.3 microns, which include mold, pollutants, viruses and more.
“Up and down our product line, we feature items that enhance safety, and protect people and facilities. Helping to create safer, healthier working environments with powerful air quality control products, was a natural growth area for us.”, offered Dirk Seis, Director of Marketing, Ideal Warehouse Innovations.
A bonus of the AtomikAir system is that its powerful circulation fans help destratify energy-rich warm air trapped at the ceiling. Savings of 20 to 40% off heating costs in winter months are possible.
The AtomikAir is an indoor air quality problem solver
·       Air quality is a top concern among workers
·       AtomikAir filters are washable/reusable 
·       The unit can be situated almost anywhere in the warehouse
AtomikAir and our air quality control lineup join the more than 1000 safety-oriented products in the Ideal Warehouse Innovations catalog.
Dirk Seis, Director of Marketing
1-866-828-6737; 223


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