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There’s a busy time ahead for fleet management and safety systems specialist ELOKON as the teams prepare for this years’ trade shows. At ProMat in Chicago, USA, the company will be exhibiting its innovative as well as tried and tested solutions which improve fork truck fleet productivity, prevent accidents and collisions involving forklift trucks, AGVs and AMRs, protect pedestrians and ensure a high level of productivity in the warehouse. These solutions are based on the use of the latest digital technologies such as a cloud-based management system for all material handling assets, the ultra-wideband wireless sensor technology for highly precise indoor location tracking solutions, and the use of off-the-shelf modern smartphones for fleet management and proximity detection solutions.

Forklift fleet management systems are acknowledged as an effective tool for monitoring and evaluating the performance and productivity of individual or groups of vehicles. ELOKON’s cloud-based ELOfleet system takes fleet management to the next level with the incorporation of a predictive maintenance feature which complements the existing functionalities such as impact recording, RFID access control, pre-ops checklists and productivity recordings. The ELOKON solution is able to predict when maintenance is next due, and if this falls in a peak period, it can be rescheduled to avoid downtime for uninterrupted availability whenever required.

A highlight of ELOKON’s product engineering roadmap for 2023 is that ELOfleet and ELOshield have been merged onto one hardware platform – a standard off the shelf smartphone. This means that customers can now not only operate a fleet management and a proximity detection system on one, non-proprietary hardware device but also that third party solutions, such as App-based warehouse management systems, can be operated from this device. Thanks to the ELOfleet and ELOshield Android apps customers benefit from being able to choose which smartphone to use. Both solutions can be administered on one and the same customer dedicated cloud portal solution. And what’s more, ELOKON is working on including Expense Management, RTLS and digital twin solutions on this one cloud portal.  

While at ProMat, make sure to visit one of the three seminars by Alexander Glasmacher, Managing Director of ELOKON Inc. to learn more about the role of modern smartphones in transforming the material handling industry.


Founded in 1986, ELOKON is a leading international suppliers of assistance systems in material handling as well as safety and automation technology. ELOKON develops, produces and installs system solutions for over 4,250 customers worldwide in commercial, logistics and industrial sectors on the basis of innovative sensor technology used in the automotive industry. 

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