Phantom Auto is proud and honored to share that our Remote Operation Platform has been selected as one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2022.  Thank you, TIME! 
As one of the longest-running and tenured publications in the world, we are extremely proud of this acknowledgment that remote operation is a critical component to the present and future of labor.
As is always the case, all of the credit is due to the hardworking staff at Phantom.  We would be remiss to not specifically call out our dedicated engineering and product teams that logged countless hours over the last 5 years solving the incredibly difficult technical challenges of developing a scalable remote operation platform.
TIME wrote the following:
With Phantom Auto’s Remote Operation Platform for Logistics, drivers of warehouse and manufacturing facility vehicles sit at a computer outfitted with a steering wheel, pedals and other accessories. But ultra-low latency software is the heart of the platform, giving remote workers real-time 360-degree eyes and ears around a vehicle and the ability to communicate with on-the-ground colleagues via a two-way audio system. They can even jump between different vehicles—in different facilities—with the click of a button. With drivers able to work from anywhere, companies can tap a “virtually limitless talent pool” and address labor shortages, says Elliot Katz, Phantom Auto’s Co-founder and Chief Business Officer.
Shai Magzimof, Co-founder and CEO at Phantom Auto reacted to the news:
“In 2017, we set out to show the world that the workforce of the future would not be possible without humans working hand-in-hand with technology. Five years on, as companies around the world are unfortunately struggling to match workers with critical jobs that need to be filled, our vision is becoming reality. We’re humbled to receive this award from TIME, reinforcing our view that the global labor economy is ready for a paradigm-shift enabled by remote operation technology and an entirely new category of tech-enabled jobs.”
Elliot Katz, Phantom’s Co-founder and Chief Business Officer added:
“We are honored to be recognized by TIME for our human-centric technology that benefits our customers, and the employees of our customers, equally. We're proud that our commercial success can be matched by a positive impact on the lives of essential logistics workers, who until now have never had the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of working remotely in hazard-free environments.”
To compile the list, TIME solicited nominations from TIME’s editors and correspondents around the world, paying special attention to growing fields—such as robotics,  the electric vehicle industry, green energy, and the metaverse. TIME then evaluated each contender on a number of key factors, including originality, efficacy, ambition, and impact.
Of the new list, TIME’s editors write that a result is a number of  “groundbreaking inventions that are changing how we live, work, play, and think about what’s possible.”
About Phantom Auto
Phantom Auto specializes in remote operation of all types of vehicles. Phantom's interoperable solution enables people to remotely supervise, assist, and drive vehicle fleets up to thousands of miles away – including forklifts, robots, trucks, and more. The company's proprietary software delivers secure, low-latency communication over volatile wireless networks for reliable sensor streaming and safe vehicle control. For more information about Phantom, visit www.phantomauto.com.

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