In his new role as Managing Director of Caljan Inc. Paul Grekowicz  is keen to establish Caljan as the leader within the field of loading/unloading loose cargo in North America. Indeed it was the technical prowess of Caljan Telescopic Conveyors and the growth trajectory of the business that attracted Grekowicz to the position.
As an engineer, I truly appreciate the attention to detail and the relentless focus on safety. From a business perspective, it’s exciting to belong to a company that touches a fundamental part of everyone’s life. We all get parcels.
During his early career at General Electric, Grekowicz trained in Lean and Six Sigma, becoming a staunch advocate of continuous improvement techniques. He believes that being able to think on your feet is an admirable trait, but prefers being well prepared with solid control of processes. Grekowicz has more than 25 years’ experience driving growth and improving productivity at international, industrial companies. Most recently as Product Line Director for Enerpac and Vice President and General Manager of MTI.
Grekowicz acknowledges the commitment and strong work ethic he has experienced during his comprehensive onboarding process at Caljan. He firmly believes that moving the company into its next phase is a team effort.  
None of us work in a vacuum. Business is a team sport. We can only win when everyone is in the right position on the field working together. 
A series of recent wins, with some of America’s biggest parcel carriers and retailers, puts Caljan in a strong position for continued growth. 
Since Caljan was founded in 1963, the company has become a global corporation with more than 600 employees. Production was established in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin in 2020. 
About Caljan
From manufacturer to consumer, and back. Almost every parcel and package despatched today has encountered Caljan at some point in the handling process. Our Telescopic Conveyors may have made the loading/unloading process safer, easier and more efficient. Our Automated Solutions may have applied a carrier-specific label, inserted consumer documentation and routed the package rapidly and cost-effectively. 
Our purpose is to improve the logistics process, so our customers are able to deliver the right items to the right place — at the right time.
For more than half a century, we’ve helped parcel carriers, retailers and manufacturers around the world handle loose-loaded cargo efficiently. We continuously evolve our product offering and develop our processes to anticipate future challenges. Multiple manufacturing facilities, on both sides of the Atlantic, and a comprehensive sales and aftermarket network provides on-going support.  
Caljan is a global company, owned by Investment AB Latour.
For details, please visit www.caljan.com.
Karen Duffy, Marketing Manager
Caljan A/S
+45 60 84 40 10

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