Making The Move From Data Collection to Data Insights

In Spot Release 3.2, we’ve made enterprise asset management easier than ever. This release includes built-in data processing and review, improvements to the data collection pipeline, and a better operator experience—enhancing Spot’s ability to be the most efficient sensing solution for your team.
Built-in data processing and review
  • Leverage new thermal imaging capabilities with the Spot CAM+IR: Get more data on the health of your assets, see imaging results and trigger alerts when assets go out of bounds, and review data trendlines on Scout.
  • Access data through the new Scout API: Query data from any Autowalk mission or manual operation session run through Scout and export data to your preferred enterprise asset management system. 
Improved data collection
  • Spot Arm Inspections in Autowalk: The gripper’s 4k camera reaches inspection points that are hard to access.
  • Add Area Callbacks to regions for safety checks: Trigger actions such as waiting at a factory crosswalk until it’s safe to cross, flashing lights or playing sounds, and more.
  • Set up Strict Path Following mode on autonomous missions: Spot will follow the recorded path closely during mission replay and will not deviate from the path to walk around obstacles.
  • Enable Ground Clutter Avoidance on autonomous missions: Spot will walk around or avoid any new equipment that appears on its path.
 Enhanced operator experience
  • Automatic Stairs Mode: Spot can now automatically detect stairs and switch itself into stair mode during both manual operation and Autowalk.
  • Connected Logging and Licensing: Customers can now identify and directly upload small event logs to Boston Dynamics for faster and more streamlined support and assistance. A network-connected Spot can also fetch its annual license.
We’re excited to see our customers put these features to use in the field, inspecting and managing assets with Spot. For more information on the new features in this release, please read our blog post.

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