Louisville, Kentucky – April 12, 2021 – Fives Intralogistics Corp. launches the GENI-Flex™ Modular Solution as the world’s first automatic sorter of irregular and oversize packages. Selected as a finalist in MHI’s 2021 Innovation Awards, the GENI-Flex is the most ground-breaking product in Fives Intralogistics’ Corp.’s line-up to date. The GENI-Flex is a top ten finalist for the category “Best New Innovation” of 2021.
Building on the gentle sortation technology introduced by the GENI-Flex™ in 2016, the all new GENI-Flex™ Modular Solution automates the sortation of oversize packages, increasing operational throughput and reducing operational costs compared to a manual system driven by physical labor. Its flexible modular design enables rapid system deployment to a variety of facility types. The GENI-Flex has been sound tested by third party consultants, and it was confirmed to operate at 77 dB or less.
The GENI-Flex™ Modular Solution uses an innovative pop-up divert module to sort oversized packages from a central conveyor directly to outbound truck doors. This system can sort all manner of irregular and oversize package sizes, including rugs and five-gallon buckets. Each pop-up divert module uses two high-friction belts which pop-up on a central assembly and divert packages to the left and the right. The pop-up divert module can also remain down, enabling packages to move along the main conveyor line. Our standard offering is optimized for packages that are up to 9ft in length and 175 lbs. in weight.
Rapid installation and commissioning are enabled by three key features inherent to the new GENI-Flex™ modular design. Plug-and-Play functionality enables electrical and mechanical installation with assembly personnel rather than specialists. The modular design also enables reconfiguration, expansion, and ease of maintenance. Next, our new pre-engineered adjustable slider bed is available to accommodate both standard and custom dock door distances. Finally, a unique control algorithm automatically assigns sort destinations and calibrates the distance between diverts, reducing the time required to commission new systems.
About Fives
Fives designs and supplies world-class material handling and sorting solutions for the intralogistics sector.
The Group and its Intralogistics dedicated teams - around 1600 people in France, Italy, China, Japan, Korea and the United States - automate internal logistics streams for postal and courier companies, distribution centers, and baggage handling systems. Fives has 1,952 patents, including the first patent for the cross-belt sorter, demonstrating their experience and commitment to these markets.
Fives is recognized as a leading provider of intralogistics solutions – a partner that helps customers maximize operational performance. From system design to installation and throughout the product’s lifecycle, Fives proposes the best solution to the customer and executes projects as a true partner. We are a value-added resource, with a global presence, a culture of active listening, and decades of experience of understanding and adapting to customers’ needs.
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