Solon, Ohio- March 2, 2021—Lift, lower and position loads simply with the push of a button or with your hands! New to our load handling product line, the Demag D-BP II Air Balancer is the optimum handling solution for handling fragile components, assembly operations and fast pick-and-place tasks. Using the control handle attachment or your hands, the load moves with the operator for ergonomic and efficient movement. Gripping the load with the D-BP II gives you 360-degree motion and precise positioning. Five models are available to lift loads up to 770 pounds at variable lifting speeds. Use float mode to hold loads up to 150 pounds for nearly weightless operations.
The Demag D-BP II is safe and reliable for your needs. This pneumatic balancer is packed with safety features. Compressed air drive offers low noise operation, with a maximum level of 70 dB(A). Patented safety brake stops the load if the detected motion is too fast. Interlock function prevents a suspended load from accidently being released. BaseLoad function continuously monitors the air pressure level to a safe level. The D-BP II has virtually unlimited service life when the regular maintenance schedule is followed.
When you need an air balancer for your assembly or production operations, see how the Demag D-BP II can help! Learn more about the D-BP II pneumatic balancer and schedule a meeting with one of our product experts to find out more.
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Laura Antenucci 

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