The CCS team is excited to announce the newest addition to our MDR conveyor lineup: CarterFlex™. 
CarterFlex™ is a flexible, expandable and mobile MDR conveyor solution that can twist, bend and stretch to weave its way through even the most congested warehouse layouts. This new solution allows companies to quickly adjust the conveyor shape as floorspace availability changes and adjust the roller center to accommodate for smaller or larger package sizes if needed. As such, CarterFlex™ is ideal for loading and unloading areas, busy and crowded distribution centers, portable assembly lines and any supply chain that experiences frequent disruptions to its normal workflows.
CarterFlex™ in its fully compressed state is 23’ in total length with a 1.5” roller center. This is most useful for conveying small packages and for storing when not in use. At its maximum extended length, one unit of CarterFlex™ can stretch up to an impressive 64’ in total length with a 5” roller center. 
CarterFlex™ features two modes of operation: continuous and accumulating. Continuous mode means the conveyor will simply continue running until turned off. Accumulating mode allows for zero pressure accumulation, where product can accumulate along the entire carrying surface without contact. Designed for multiple units to be connected, CarterFlex™ has mating overmold connectors to easily create long chains. Controls can be bussed from one 120VAC power source to multiple other units. 
Like our other conveyor lines, CarterFlex™ is manufactured by CCS in one of our three US-based manufacturing facilities. This helps us ensure competitive pricing and quick turnaround times while guaranteeing top-notch equipment and quality support over the lifetime of the system.
About CCS
CCS ( is a leader in automated material handling and industrial automation solutions. We design, manufacture and implement both standard and custom warehouse automation solutions. No project is too large or too small and we understand how to provide a phased-in approach that allows future growth for our customers. We stand by our clients whether they are taking the first steps into automation or outfitting an entire facility.
With over 300 employees and 40+ years of experience in the material handling and supply chain industry, we provide expertise in a full range of equipment, controls, software, and services. We are also a trusted integrator with proven partnerships throughout the industry. At CCS, we continue to take great pride in helping our clients realize their material handling goals to operate better today and prepare for tomorrow.
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