A new order picking display assistant for improved order fulfillment.

For organizations in need of faster picking speeds and increased productivity, Kardex Remstar introduces the Display LED-Navigator to improve order picking performance.
Using LED technology, the new Display LED-Navigator makes order picking easier and faster for new and existing Kardex Remstar customers. Quickly finding and picking the correct items has never been more important. Combining the speed of Kardex Remstar automated storage and retrieval systems with the latest innovations in warehouse systems, the Display LED-Navigator will deliver a much faster and more accurate picking process.
"Our research has found that accurate and fast order picking is as important for our global customers as usability. We developed a definitive order picking solution that surpasses anything in the market today by focusing on the needs of a business and the individual operators. LED-Navigator is designed to simplify human-machine-cooperation by using advanced indicators with color, light and written elements. It improves picking efficiency, picking accuracy, and process reliability," Dr. Volker Jungbluth, Head of Corporate Technology, Kardex AG.
The pressure on e-commerce companies is increasing exponentially, and traditional fulfillment operations are being squeezed. Many fulfillment operations can't rely solely on order pickers to walk along endless rows of shelving to collect, pack, ship and deliver orders whilst meeting the customer's changing expectations. 
The Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module (VLM) will now come equipped with a new LED panel featuring a status bar and countdown, which indicates when it's time to pick. This enables the operator to pick at precisely the right moment. A color navigator delivers intuitive operator guidance to the exact location of the stored part to pick. With a multi-colored display, the LED-Navigator supports various picking strategies. There is also a language customization feature for multilingual communication, which displays alphabetical languages and characters for any desired language.
By displaying the material and order information by article number, description, measurement, storage location and order quantity, mispicks are reduced thus increasing order accuracy. Safe navigation is assured and a visual confirmation to the operator further supports the picking process.
About Kardex Remstar
Kardex Remstar, LLC, a company of the Kardex Group is a leading provider of automated storage and retrieval systems for manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, offices and institutions. For information about our dynamic storage solutions, call 800-639-5805, visit www.kardexremstar.com.
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