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Chicago, PROMAT, April 2019 - Flow-Turn, a global manufacturer of innovative powered belt curves and spirals, announces its new KNIFE-ROLL-Turn part of the Belt Turn product line. Knife Roll Turn is a turn with a 7/8” diameter rolling edge end-roller to improve the transfer of very small items. The Knife Roll Turn is the solution to the Knife Edge curves market to solve high friction and wear.
The KNIFE-ROLL-Turn uses a set of small ball bearings on a 3/8" shaft to roll the belt around the narrow edge. 
The Knife-Roll Turn features:
  • Belt tensioning is underneath the Knife-Roll assembly and will not affect the position of the Knife-Roll.
  • Positive proven loose chain drive technology
  • Speeds over 250 ft/min
  • Endless Belt construction available for smooth operation
  • Food-grade and washdown available
About Flow-Turn
Flow-Turn, a USA based manufacturer with more than 40 years’ experience in the design and build of belted powered Curve Conveyors, provides products for all types of applications from small production systems to large industrial warehouses. 
Hermann Miedel
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Hermann Miedel - President
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