Uniqbag Airbag Packaging

Reduce storage, transportation and packaging costs.
Increase packaging speed due to quick slot-in-mechanism.
Minimize costly returns due to reduced incidents of damage while in transit.
Lighter environmental burden, less waste and no toxic substances.
By switching to environmentally friendlier UNIQBAGs your company is better able to meet it’s corporate social responsibility objectives and governmental waste reduction targets.
UNIQBAG technology is the newest generation of smart air-cushioned packaging solutions. It is fast, efficient, easy to use and very flexible.

UNIQBAGS are inflated naturally using air, making them the superior choice in packaging solutions.

UNIQBAGs completely surround the packaged item with closely placed air-inflated tubes, creating a cushion that greatly reduces the risk of damage. UNIQBAGs not only massively lower costs for your company, they help protect the environment as well!

Less material means less pollutants as well as less waste.

Uniqbag Airbag Packaging
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