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LG CLOi CarryBot (AMR)

AMR Solution for efficient warehouse operation.
LG CLOi CarryBot supports the warehouse operation to improve efficiency and productivity with optimized solutions for various customer needs.

Warehouse Automation by LG CLOi CarryBot

LG AMR can support operator by notifying the items to be picked and by delivering the items end-to-end while the operator can stay in the assigned zone only.
Operator can perform the required level of work regardless of the operators’ job experience or skill.
Flexible for the changes in work environment and work protocol.
It is possible to plan and run 24-hours multi-AMR operation.


Sales Engineer Robots
We are currently seeking a Robot Sales Engineer to join our dynamic team as part of the B2B Solutions Technical Sales Team! This is a field based / Home Office position. We are looking for a new team member preferably in a California. Other locations to be considered. Responsibilities; • Contributes to pre-sales efforts of Warehouse Automation Robots. • Utilize sales skills and technical knowledge to establish trust and convey product information ...
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