MuL Technologies™ is proud to introduce MARC®, the Mobile Autonomous Robotic Cart for “the rest of us” that want flexibility and simplicity with all the benefits of sophisticated technology at an affordable cost. What does that mean?

• Wi-Fi-Free, MARC does NOT require Wi-Fi or other connection!
• No need for tape, beacons, or any other infrastructure.
• MARC is programmed by simply moving to a location and pressing a button.
• MARC dynamically avoids obstacles in its path - a true AMR.
• You can get a MARC for only $14,995.
• Laser and camera-guided navigation makes MARC smart and safe.
• Easy-to-remove/swap the long-life battery.
• MARC earned the title of "Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin" in 2020.

MARC is the most cost-effective AGR in the market, giving "the rest of us" an affordable way to get all the benefits of automation without a huge investment.

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