Rapyuta Robotics' PA-AMR is the #1 warehouse robot in Japan.

As pioneers in cloud robotics, we help 3PL companies like Nippon Express, Sagawa Logistics, KR Distribution increase their productivity by 2X. Our pick-assist robots work along side human warehouse associates to significantly reduce their walking time and eliminate mispicks.

Our best in class hardware coupled with our cloud platform Rapyuta.IO, makes us an easy fit into your existing distribution and fulfillment centers.

Our bots combined with our patented Multi-robot route planning can offer you:
- 150% productivity improvement
- ROI guarantee
- 98.9% uptime
- 2 robots in aisle widths of 5feet
- Congestion avoidance


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Pick Assist Robots, Piece Picking robots
Rapyuta Robotics
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