FlexLink is a leader in industrial automation and a supplier of innovative automated solutions to produce goods smarter and safer. It manufactures conveyors, material handling systems and industrial feeders.

Emmeci is a leading provider in the design, manufacturing, and promotion of automatic machinery for the packaging of premium and luxury products. Emmeci has developed solutions dedicated to box-on-demand, suitable for players in the e-commerce field.

ACMA manufactures high and medium speed packaging machinery for confectionery, chocolate, soap, tea, coffee, and liquid products.
ACMA has developed solutions dedicated to packaging-on-demand (bags), suitable for players in the e-commerce field.

Atlantic Zeiser provides near-line/in-line digital printing solutions for the packaging of consumer goods and card personalization systems.
In the e-commerce field, Atlantic Zeiser provides print-on-demand modular solutions for the mass customization of packages (bags) or boxes.


Atlantic Zeiser
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Alex Kaczmarczyk
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