We provide innovative packaging solutions for the E-commerce market. Whether you need a single machine or a complete line, you can count on Niverplast. All of our solutions are of high quality standards with an efficient and sustainable operation.

We can help you optimize your packaging process whether it's with one stand-alone machine or with a complete line. Our dedicated and passionate people will support you in finding the perfect packaging solution.

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Paperbagger brochure
The PaperBagger is suitable to place three, two or one paper bags in the tote. Creating the highest possible efficiency/ uptime for your company.
T-Plast brochure
The T-Plast is a high quality packaging solution for automatic triple (T-shirt) bag placing.

Discover the T-Plast
The T-Plast is a high quality packaging solution for automatic triple (T-shirt) bag placing. - Place up to 2880 bags per hour - Place three bags in 1 tote, bin or (polystyrene) box - 24/7 non-stop production - Guaranteed lowest Total Cost of Ownership

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