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Leopard Cube innovatively combines the latest rugged mobile scanning computers, a durable measuring tape and a real-time data management system to efficiently capture, store, and communicate measurement data of parcels and pallets.
With Leopard Cube, you can:
• Accurately measure the 5-20% of ugly freight volumes that are non-conveyable and awkward
• Improve freight measurement efficiency of service to customers
• Dramatically increase your bottom line thanks to reducing avoidable losses caused by inaccurate measurements and billing
Customers have found that it:
• Provides real-time revenue protection and reduces friction for customers
• Can save them over $500k p.a. due to efficiency gains and accurate data on sizing
• Allows them to offer more competitive rates or dedicated "awkward freight" shipping options.
Attendees at PROMAT will have the opportunity to view and test Leopard Cube first hand to see just how quick and easy measuring freight of any size can be.


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