Tested in real world scenarios, Rack Collapse Prevention is the only ‘proven’ safety system to eliminate racking collapses.
Top suspension, racking structure remains standing as it can withstand single or multiple support leg impact events and doesn’t affect roof integrity nor pallet locations.
Designed to flex our safety system is suitable for earthquake-prone countries.
It can be added during racking installation or retrofitted, and it can be adjusted to suit changing need.
With Rack Collapse Prevention installed damaged racking is stopped from leaning past its point of no return and damaged racking will not buckle nor collapse.
Installing Rack Collapse Prevention will reduce business insurance premiums, reduce the cost of repairs and personal injury claims and increase employee confidence. Industry is realising safety is not a drain on resources but a business asset delivering return on investment.
Rack Collapse Prevention protects customers’ brands, products and people!


Rack Collapse Prevention
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Rack Collapse Prevention
A unique top supporting racking safety system which enables damaged racking structures to remain standing, and racking able to withstand single or multiple support leg impact events.
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