We believe our technology will unlock the unlimited potential of teleoperation – the ability to remotely control robots from anywhere in the world. For the past 10 years, our CEO/Founder, Youngmok Yun, PhD, has led the development of a world class human-robot interface with the support of NASA and the National Science Foundation. Our approach uses various AI technologies and allows human operators to help in situations where the AI fails. The AI continues to learn from those human interactions,

Innovation Award Entries

Contoro Robot
Contoro has developed an automated solution for offloading floor loaded containers AND can also be used to automate many functions within the warehousing industry. The robot can autonomously pick up cases, recognize the SKU/LOT text, and palletize the cases. When the robot meets a challenge it can't solve through AI, an operator using Contoro's exoskeleton can telemanipulate and pilot the robot from anywhere in the world.
Contoro Robotics
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