Unbox Robotics is a leading supply chain robotics technology company, specialising in robotics-based fulfilment and distribution technology for small to large e-commerce, retail and logistics enterprises. Unbox Robotics’ cutting-edge technology solutions accelerate parcel sortation and order fulfilment to facilitate efficient express logistics operations delivering a seamless end-customer experience.

Founded in 2019 by Pramod Ghadge and Shahid Memon, Unbox Robotics aims to enable organisations to triumph over global supply chain challenges by revolutionising intralogistics operations via one-of-its-kind vertical robotic parcel sortation and consolidation, powered by Swarm Intelligence.

Unbox Robotics’ USP lies in its ability to scan, sort, and dispatch packages in less than 50-70% of physical space through its innovative and compact vertical sorting robotic solution. It helps customers ramp up productivity by more than 3X, enhancing the end-customer experience.

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Unbox Robotics
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Pramod Ghadge
Co-Founder & CEO

Vasu Zalavadiya

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Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems
Autonomous Mobile Robots
Distribution & Warehousing Software
Industrial Internet of Things
Order Picking & E-Commerce Fulfillment
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