Welcome to RCR Industrial Flooring: #Leaders of the flat world

We specialise in designing and creating industrial concrete flooring and work with many of the leading names in manufacturing and worldwide logistics.

Our Group is organised into three divisions, based on the services we provide:

RCR Flooring Products is our manufacturing division, encompassing armoured joints and formwork, dry-shake hardeners, and resin coatings for industrial concrete floors.

RCR Flooring Applications includes our industrial concrete flooring contractors that provide prep, place, finish and warranty services of steel fiber reinforced concrete.

RCR Flooring Services incorporates our design, structural engineering and project management services for industrial concrete floors.

Our group is in over 24 countries around the world.

Whether you need one of our services or all, please contact us - we'll be happy to help.
Industrial concrete floors for warehouses and distribution centers.


Armored Joints
Dry Shake
Floor Dynamics
RCR Industrial Flooring

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Product Categories

Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems
Casters, Wheels, & Tires
Decking & Flooring
ForkLift Trucks, Personnel Carriers
Hand Lift Trucks, Pallet Jacks, & Carts
Loading Dock Equipment
Monorails & Monorail Systems
Third Party Logistics