Storage Solutions Inc. (SSI) is a team of warehouse design & automation experts who collaborate and partner with distribution or fulfillment operations throughout North America and worldwide. Our “simple, smart, strategic” approach allows us to provide solutions for every square foot of your warehouse.

We take a holistic approach to address any challenges in your operations, including increasing storage capacity and optimizing inventory slotting for best-in-class picking operations. We also consult on operational challenges through facility design and work closely with our clients to find the right mix of storage and automation options to suit their needs. Storage Solutions is committed to being a trusted partner who is there for you from the start to finish of your project.

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Dynamic Solutions
At Storage Solutions, our team comes from decades of experience. That experience, combined with our network of strategic partners, allows us to develop dynamic warehouse solutions.
E.A.S.Y. Approach Automation Appraisals
Our E.A.S.Y. Appraisal is a simple process where our experts tour your facility and get to understand your unique operations
Facility Design Services
Real expertise to help you develop and execute your plan
Warehouse Control Systems
Our TRaCS warehouse control systems software application directs real-time activities within warehouse, distribution centers & fulfillment centers.

Project Spotlight: Warehouse Expansion for Midwest-Based 3PL
Recently, a 3PL client from the Midwest reengaged with Storage Solutions to assist with expanding their distribution center in Liberty, MO. We previously worked with this client on the initial racking phase in their facility. However, due to increased e-commerce demand, they were already outgrowing their operations and needed to expand their storage systems further into the warehouse. Both phases of the project had aggressive target completion dates, requiring our team to be flexible and creative utilizing multiple designers, manufacturers, and project managers to complete the project ahead of schedule. The project utilized a variety of new material, as well as repurposing existing drive-in rack to fit new needs of the client. Through collaboration in design and execution, we were able to double the previous total storage capacity for the client. Learn more: https://storage-solutions.com/project-spotlight-warehouse-expansion-for-midwest-based-3pl/

Project Spotlight: Redesign and Relocating Conveyor for Retailer
A retailing giant and longtime client recently came to Storage Solutions with a need to expand its retail distribution footprint for one of its brands. The company was tasked with adding 25 regional stores to its network of customers. At the time, its distribution center could fulfill orders for 60 stores, so the company needed to increase its fulfillment capacity for the expansion and expected additional business growth. Our engineering team met with them to analyze at their SKU profile, facility layout, and all available data to develop the best path forward to achieve their business goals. We determined the best solution was a two-phase approach that addressed their material flow, storage systems, and palletizing operations. Learn more: https://storage-solutions.com/project-spotlight-redesign-and-relocating-conveyor/

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