Since 1993, Long Range Solutions (LRS) has been the leading innovator of onsite wireless communication solutions. We’ve been providing revolutionary technologies from the beginning, helping logistics companies become more efficient and productive.

We are based in Dallas, Texas and have offices worldwide. As a U.S.-based design and engineering facility with a team that places top priority in understanding and meeting our clients’ needs, are solutions are practical and easy to implement and use.

Stop by our booth for some hands-on demonstrations of these solutions:
• Truck Driver Paging
• Truck Yard Management Software
• Two-Way Motorola Radios
• Staff Paging and Messaging
• Forklift Communication Paging
• Onsite Pagers
• Wireless Door Bells with paging and text notifications

9525 Forest View Street
Dallas, Texas 75243

Phone: 800.577.8101

Jason Barge