Synkrato is a next-gen logistics platform with five core functions that help supply chain and logistics professionals scale businesses:

1. Digital Twin: build digital twins, VR versions of real-world facilities
2. AI-Driven Logistics: leverage the adaptive slotting engine for continuous material flow optimization
3. Mobility: create mobile enterprise forms on our no-code, drag-and-drop platform for warehouse transactions
4. IoT: connect to all IoT devices in real-time for holistic, augmented reality (AR)-enabled warehouse transactions
5. Digital Labeling: manage enterprise labeling across internal facilities, suppliers, customers, and carriers

To learn more and see Synkrato in action, visit us at booth N6256.
We know that navigating ProMat can be a bit overwhelming, so if you prefer, email marta.c@synkrato.com to schedule a specific time.

Innovation Award Entries

Mobility app for inventory management
Mobility applications help users create forms any time inventory is moved. Synkrato Mobility (launched in early 2022) is the first solution designed to work with all ERP and legacy systems. This simple and effective IT innovation makes mobile solutions available to every warehouse, regardless of the level of sophistication and existing systems.
Slotting algorithms powered by digital twin data
Managing slotting algorithms in a spreadsheet is a labor-intensive and error-prone process, especially for warehouses with a high level of inventory coming in and going out. Synkrato’s slotting update, being launched at ProMat 2023, introduces a new algorithm that talks to digital twins to create an AI-driven warehouse. Synkrato AI-driven slotting works in conjunction with a digital twin to select actionable data, perform simulations, and then ...
Synkrato warehouse digital twin
Imagine a warehouse where unexpected shipments at the dock, unavailable workers, and last-minute orders are identified, analyzed, and addressed to avoid common daily disruptions. Synkrato warehouse digital twin optimizes warehouses without interrupting daily activities by continually configuring operations based on real-time data, pulling data from multiple systems to provide actionable insights and dynamic virtual modeling of entire warehouse ...
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