Canon Business Process Services

Canon Business Process Services is an integrated materials and logistics services provider that offers a groundbreaking approach to optimizing warehouse performance. Our expertise in acquiring and retaining warehouse associates, optimizing technology, and managing a tailored, onsite solution to improve efficiency is unparalleled. This approach sets us apart from staffing agencies and 3PLs and enables us to deliver warehouse performance excellence. It all starts with an onsite business assessment and then advances to a comprehensive roadmap to take your warehouse operation to a higher level. Canon leverages advanced technologies and services to deliver agility, exceptional workplace experiences and improved business performance. We achieve these results by applying our workforce management capabilities, Six Sigma methodologies and implementation expertise. With professionals across the U.S. and the Philippines, we have been named a Global Outsourcing 100 leader by IAOP for 16 years.

Canon Business Process Services
261 Madison Avenue, 3rd Floor
New York, New York 10016

Phone: 888-623-2668

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