Agility Robotics makes multi-purpose, human-centric robots with initial applications focused on moving totes in warehouse and logistics environments. Our robot Digit represents a new wave of robotic automation, ready to walk into existing facilities without costly retrofitting. Digit augments the workforce as a tool for maximizing productivity.

Stop by our booth to see the world's first commercially available human-centric, multi-purpose robot in action.

The Future of Robotics
Agility Robotics is a leader in human-centric, multi-purpose robots. Bringing to market the first commercial human-centric robot designed to walk into existing facilities and get to work.


Human-centric Robotics: Walking into the Warehouse 3/22/2023 2:15 PM 3:00 PM Theater F

Innovation Award Entries

Digit a Human-Centric Robot
Built on a foundation of breakthrough research and unlocking the science of how humans and animals walk, Digit is the first commercially available human-centric, multi-purpose robot. A robot designed to walk into a warehouse and get right to work without costly retrofitting. Digit is a safe and reliable tool that will support the existing workforce, helping companies and their employees achieve new levels of efficiency. Digit represents an entirely ...
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