ForwardX is Asia’s largest person-to-goods AMR solution provider. With over 250 of the world’s top computer vision scientists and robotics experts, ForwardX has served 100+ reputable customers, such as JD.com, DHL, IKEA, and TCL, to name a few.

It’s AMR solutions are widely used for order picking in warehouses, in-store order picking, and material handling in manufacturing plants.

With teams and offices in the US, Japan, and China, along with partnerships around the globe, ForwardX is expanding and applying its proven solutions to warehouses and manufacturers worldwide.

Innovation Award Entries

Apex C1500-L Autonomous Forklift
Apex C1500-L is a fully autonomous forklift suitable for GMA and Euro pallet movement. Using deep-learning computer-vision software in combination with LiDAR, IMU, and odometry sensors, Apex increases safety, accuracy, flexibility, productivity, and scalability for pallet movement workflows. The forklift can carry payloads of up to 3,306 lbs and place pallets with ±2-inch precision. If a pallet is misplaced at an awkward angle, Apex adjusts autonomously ...
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