Gideon is a robotics and AI solutions company specializing in flexible automation of material handling processes for logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, and retail businesses, helping its clients automate their most complex operations. With its advanced mobile robots and complete solutions for autonomous operations, Gideon helps businesses solve their most complex supply chain challenges: rising customer expectations, product variability, volume changes and ultimately, labor shortage. Gideon's self-driving robots, built for unstructured, dynamic environments, are powered by proprietary spatial AI and 3D vision technology, enabling businesses to automate and orchestrate workflows of humans, robots, other equipment, and data sources; in real-time. Typical use cases are unloading and loading of trailers, the transport of goods to the next processing stage, staging & stacking, cross-docking, transportation of the product from the receiving dock to a storage location, and intralogistics.


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Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
Autonomous Fork Trucks
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