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Powered by optimization science and AI technologies, CoEvolution is a leading logistics technology company specializing in the next generation smart intralogistics solutions. Our innovative open multi-robot control platform can orchestrate and optimize a mixed robot fleets' task assignment, path planning and traffic control, which gives customers the flexibility to choose the best combination of robots from multiple vendors, leading to maximum ROI and flexibility to adapt to changing business environment.

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Innovation Award Entries

COPICK Smart Warehouse Solution
our solution is a smart software platform that helps logistics managers, 3PL providers and integrators by assisting them in adapting to, and meeting, new operating scenarios. Rather than sitting as a layer between the robot’s control system and warehouse management systems as many solutions do, this new type of solution integrates the robots themselves. The platform talks directly to them and builds a unified system to control a fleet of heterogenous ...
Coevolution Technology

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