For more than 30 years, our company has partnered with thousands of supply chain sites across the country, improving safety and security in general and refrigerated warehouses, storage facilities, and distribution and fulfillment centers.

Our physical security and managed network services teams understand your role in the supply chain ecosystem and recognize the changing needs of this industry. From the growth of e-commerce and consumer spending to the necessity of expanding storage capacity through new construction and increased automation, we’ve been there.

Our teams are poised to provide security and managed network solutions that are custom designed to address these changing warehouse security issues.

Products You Need, When You Need Them
Vector Security Networks maintains strong relationships in the security and managed network industries, so we can provide our supply chain customers reliable access to the security and networking equipment they need…when they need it.

Innovation Award Entries

Forklift Multi-Sensor Video Solution
Vector Security Networks, along with strategic partners, has designed a unique video product that will address common challenges with forklift/orderpicker truck safety, along with associated security and loss prevention issues. This one-of-a-kind offering is designed for warehouses, fulfillment and distribution centers to improve operations, manage risk, and mitigate loss in the aisles. With safety as a main motivator, our Multi-Sensor Video Solution ...
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