Horizon Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) Software Provider. A robust WES package written and designed as a WES (not a WCS relabeled). Has many unique and powerful features and capabilities such as:
• Pre-Installation equipment agnostic (doesn't matter who your equipment manufacturer is)
• “1 Million Transaction Tested,” prior to installation to aid performance, reliability & rapid deployment
• Integrated emulators
• Drag & Drop design studio
• Totally modular design to grow as your business grows
• Is configured and tested before we step into your facility
• Able to have 4 screens visible at anytime
• And much more!
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Horizon Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) Software

Innovation Award Entries

Horizon WES Pre-Installation “1M Transaction Testing"
New Dawn’s Horizon Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) software, prior to installation, is tested with over one million transactions to improve every site’s performance, reliability, and speed. The Horizon WES utilizes its integrated emulators to complete a “1M Transaction Testing,” for every customer’s site and application. The emulators mimic the hardware systems external devices (PLCs, scanners, sensors, etc.,), to detect long term fatal flaws such ...
New Dawn Warehouse Execution Software (WES)
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