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At Trelleborg, we deliver value beyond our products. As a global market-leading producer of high quality industrial tire and wheel solutions for the material handling industry, the success of our customers matters to us. Our material handling products center on long tire life, reduced energy use, increased stability and improved comfort.

We design produce, and distribute a wide range of forklift tires and wheels, including solid resilient tires, solid press-on tires, pneumatic tires and polyurethane tires.

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The perfect combination between our innovative Pit Stop Line with specialized compounds and a new design, to deliver superior quality that will guarantee uptime, efficiency and safety for operators.
The flexible tire to face your everyday challenges.
Trelleborg Material Handling Tires
A wide range of forklift tires and wheels, including solid resilient tires, press-on solid tires, pneumatic tires and polyurethane tires.
The perfect tire for warehouse operations, port yards, shop floors and any material handling ground service, showing superior performance in terms of mileage, durability, fuel consumption, stability and comfort.
The next generation tire, designed for reliability and a solid performance.

Trelleborg Forklift Tires
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Trelleborg XP1000
Trelleborg looks to significantly improve material handling operations with the launch of its latest tire solution for maximum intensity applications, the XP1000. The tire provides customers moving materials around ports, warehouses, and shop floors, with optimum traction and minimal vibration to bring greater comfort, increased safety, lower fuel consumption and a longer tire life for more cost effective and sustainable operations. Luca Sabelli, ...
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