Automation and sustainability are at the forefront of companies around the world and the Laser Rewritable Labeling System will free up employees' time to be spent on more complicated tasks other than attaching and removing labels while saving tons of paper and printing supplies affecting the environment.

The Laser Rewritable Labeling System makes it possible to print, erase, and reprint human-readable information as well as a variety of barcodes and characters onto pre-applied labels affixed to plastic totes.

This system incorporates a fully automated, labor and cost saving labeling process, with multiple sustainability benefits by eliminating paper labels and their inherent issues from reusable containers used in distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and food distribution centers.

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Laser Rewritable Labeling System
Ricoh’s latest innovation integrates automation and sustainability, the two most significant requirements in the material handling industry nowadays. The Laser Rewritable Labeling System realizes labor cost optimization with improved operational efficiency by delivering a fully automated and groundbreaking labeling process for circular distribution labeling applications. In a circular distribution environment, it is necessary to attach an adhesive ...
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