Lantech Inc.

Inventors of the Stretch Wrapper. Experts in Case & Tray Handling Equipment with product ability in Palletizers and Conveyor Systems
50 Years of Field Experience.

Lantech is widely recognized as the world leader in stretch wrapping technology. Not surprising, since we invented the first rotary stretch wrapping machine and have continually re-invented the product with new features and performance enhancing technology ever since. We also are industry leaders in robust and efficient case and tray handling equipment, with a worldwide client list.

Our mission is to dramatically reduce the billions of dollars of damage that happens in transit – making sure products get from the factory floor to the retailer’s door in pristine condition.

If you want to reduce materials costs, improve productivity or reduce in-transit product damage, be sure to visit us at booth #.

Stretch Wrappers, Palletizers and Conveyor Systems

Lantech Inc.
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