HAI Robotics is the pioneer in autonomous case handling robotic system. We are committed to condensing our customers’ storage footprint with equipment that effectively manages ultra-high-density storage, boost facility throughput with increased order pick accuracy & speed, maximize workflow efficiencies, and significantly improve worker productivity while reducing manual labor.

Our high-capacity autonomous case handling robots (ACR) have a compact design with a reach up to 8m high. Combined with our highly intelligent software, our robotic equipment efficiently manages the storage and movement of material while improving worker efficiency by 200%-300%. Our solutions increase storage density by 80%-130% while maintaining full access to goods at all times.

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Innovation Award Entries

A42T Autonomous Case-picking Robot
The A42T Autonomous Case-picking Robot is the first goods-to-person equipment that allows facilities to store items up to 10m (32+ feet) high - while remaining independent of any storage medium. It is highly intelligent, able to handle most totes sizes and types, even cardboard boxes, on standard industry shelving structures. Comparable systems often require unique and expensive custom structures and totes to function, but the A42T is a revolutionary ...
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