Flexco provides the world's belt conveyor operators with efficient, safe products, services, and solutions for their systems. Flexco understands that the success of a logistics operation depends on output and on-time delivery. Now, more than ever, people are turning to fulfillment centers, warehouses, and distribution centers to ship undamaged packages to them on time … or sooner. Our products address factors that impact uptime, efficiency, and safety in order to support your supply chain, including:
• mechanical fasteners
• belt maintenance tools
• punches and presses to repair the belts that drive live roller conveyors
• solutions to protect the gaps in between your conveyor transfers and roller
• and more
Any challenge … Flexco is ready to help you find a solution. Let Flexco be your partner in productivity, throughput, output, and safety.

2525 Wisconsin Ave.
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515

Phone: (630)971-0150

Melanie Carr
Marketing Comm Assistant