Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company

Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, is a trusted supply chain integration partner committed to providing their clients a competitive advantage by designing and delivering world-class distribution and production solutions. The expertise Bastian Solutions delivers includes exceptional results through a proven process of analytical consulting, engineering and design, simulation, project management, and installation services, while sourcing the best material handling equipment and automation technologies available.

With innovation at the forefront, the company also develops Exacta supply chain software, conveyor and sortation systems, custom automated material-handling equipment, robotics, autonomous vehicles and robotic shuttles, and state-of-the art industrial controls.

Bastian Solutions serves domestic and global markets, covering the United States, Canada, India, Mexico and South America.

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Material handling systems integration and industrial equipment
Goods To Person Solutions
GTP or Goods to Person (noun): a modernized method or style of order fulfillment that stores and retrieves merchandise and/or assists in the picking process and delivery to a staging area for packing and dispatch.
Robotic Piece Picking Solutions
Transform warehouse operations to achieve smarter, more accurate, 24/7 order fulfillment with piece picking robotic solutions carefully integrated to support existing workflows and flexible enough to easily grow for future business volume, products , seasonality and new functions.
Solutions & Services
Increase productivity through proven automation, information systems and sound operating procedures.

Knipper Leverages Automated Distribution Center for Unmatched 3PL Fulfillment
With access to 75% of the U.S. population with 2-day ground service, J. Knipper and Company delivers product to customers in the pharmaceutical industry where speed and accuracy is crucial. To support continued year after year growth and their unmatched distribution and fulfillment capabilities, Knipper engaged Bastian Solutions for the development of an automated distribution center in Charlestown, Indiana. Goods to person automation, OPEX perfect pick, was used to increase the system capacity to more than 50,000 SKUs. Further supported with pick to light and Exacta warehouse execution software, this reduced order cycle time and total picking throughput per hour.

Decathlon Deploys Micro-Fulfillment Store GTP Robot Solution
"The reason we chose the microfulfillment solution was because it addressed our unique needs. We needed to have the ability to store a large amount of product in a small space and deliver that product quickly to our customers in store," said Craig Binch, Decathlon Canada Store Leader. "And what we did was survey the customers in the marketplace and determined that 3 minutes is the max anyone was willing to wait and so that was our measure." Decathlon, a global sporting goods store with 1,700 stores in more than 60 countries, was looking for a new, unique and better customer journey to support their Western Canada customers. Located on the second floor of South Central Mall in Calgary, Canada, they turned to Bastian Solutions to design and integrate a customer-facing microfulfillment solution. The microfulfillment system is primarily comprised of the AutoStore goods to person system, Bastian Solutions' conveyor and Exacta intralogistics software.

Latin America's Largest AutoStore Delivers 2 Hour Order Cycle Time
Featuring capacity for goods to person system storage of 3.6 million products, Dafiti Group's newest warehouse, called LEAP, is located in Extrema (MG), Brazil, and houses one of the most advanced automation systems in the world providing fast delivery across Latin America. Dafiti is part of the Global Fashion Group and leads fashion and lifestyle ecommerce retail sales in Latin America, with offices in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. Driven by a customer-oriented vision and pioneering spirit, Dafiti sought next level logistics and cutting-edge technologies. Together, Bastian Solutions and Dafiti leveraged the 54,000 m² facility space to design an automated order fulfillment system that features the AutoStore goods to person grid-based storage and retrieval system, Interroll conveyor, and Bastian Solutions' Exacta software. This fast-moving system was expertly integrated with Dafiti's current and future ecommerce growth in mind, offering a reliably convenient shopping experience for years to come.

Bastian Solutions SmartPick
Bastian Solutions SmartPick™ is the next generation of fast and accurate order fulfillment. This turnkey, robotic bin picking solution combines cutting-edge AI powered vision technology, industrial robotics with flexible end of arm tools, goods to person technologies, and seamless software integration to create efficient goods to robot solutions capable of picking the most complex assortment of products with 99.9% accuracy. Unlike a GTP system which requires manual inputs, a GTR system like Bastian Solutions SmartPick, is operated solely by material handling equipment and controlled by warehouse software. A goods to robot structure increases picking throughput, adjusts to labor availability, reduces picking errors, and allows for 24/7 lights out operations.

Overcome Business Challenges Through Automation Success with Bast
The world of automation is more complicated than ever before. Creating a foundation for long-term resilience relies on adaptable automation, but automation alone isn't enough. From consulting, design, installation and long-term support, our team is here to guide your automation journey to help you overcome business challenges to meet objectives now and in the future.


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