Alba Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of pallet conveyance equipment and in 2023 we are excited to be celebrating our 50th Anniversary as a company! Alba offers a full line of pallet handling products, including drag chain conveyors, chain driven live roller (CDLR) conveyors, turntables and lift & rotate units with pneumatic or motorized rotation, pop-up chain transfers with pneumatic or hydraulic four-point positive lift mechanisms, motorized zero pressure accumulation (MZPA) conveyors, transfer cars, wire mesh belt conveyors, gravity conveyors, and pallet dispensers/stackers with or without full controls. Alba offers an industry leading two-year warranty on our standard product line. We look forward to seeing you at ProMat, and look forward to celebrating our 50th Anniversary with you as we couldn't have done it without you!


24VDC Motorized Roller CDLR Conveyor
CDLR Conveyors
CDLR with Pnuematic Transfer
CDLR with Thru Drive Side Transfer (4-way)
Drag Chain Conveyor
Drag Chain Conveyor
Gravity Conveyor
Lift and Rotate with Motorized Base
Lift and Rotate with Pneumatic Base
Motorized Shuttle
Motorized Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor (MZPA)
Pallet Jack Loading Conveyor
Single Size Pallet Dispensers
Single Size Pallet Stackers
Transfer Car (T-Car)
Turntable with Motorized Base
Turntable with Pnuematic Base

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