Automation Solutions for Logistics and Material Handling

Your business—and the flow of products through it—never stops. Intralox’s logistics and material handling specialists have the technologies, services, and expertise to keep you moving.

Our parcel automation solutions help you:
-Move difficult-to-handle products like cartons, polybags, envelopes, jiffies, and more
-Improve the throughput, speed, and accuracy of your automated processes
-Meet increased demand without expanding facilities
-Decrease repetitive or physically demanding labor



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Innovation Award Entries

Intralox® SmartPath™ Singulator and Gapper
Parcel processors are under more pressure than ever before: Labor is scarce, specifically in the middle mile and last mile areas of a shipping network, and every second from clicking “buy” until package delivery counts. With a sustained need for meeting high throughput demands in a tight timeframe, Intralox analyzed every aspect of the material handling process. We saw an opportunity to improve the underserved singulating and gapping process and offer ...
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