Almasons products extend the capabilities of traditional enterprise software packages in a fast and cost-effective way compared to custom systems integration. Founded in 2013 by SAP WMS experts, we have built our reputation on responsive and effective solutions in four key areas:

Enterprise System Integration - Provide connectivity and data exchange services to WMS, ERP, TMS, and CRM systems.

Technology Connectors – Establish connections and data exchange with automation technologies such as voice response and recognition systems, augmented reality devices, automated material handling equipment, and robotics. Voice-directed-picking solutions are an Almasons specialty.

Workflow Extensions – Delivers pre-built modules that extend mobile applications in a wide range of functional areas including Manufacturing, Warehousing, Pack & Ship, Transport & Logistics, Retail, and Field Operations.

Performance Intelligence – Performance analytics & reporting


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How to get a guaranteed 20% boost in warehouse picking in 30 days, without a costly WMS upgrade. 3/21/2023 11:15 AM 12:00 PM Theater B
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Product Categories

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Wearable
Automatic Identification Products
Autonomous Mobile Robots
Computer Hardware and/or Software
Distribution & Warehousing Software
Order Picking & E-Commerce Fulfillment
Plant/Facility Equipment and Management
Supply Chain Execution Systems and Software