At Chicago Tag & Label, we don’t just deliver custom print solutions, we deliver efficiency. We listen to our customers and manufacture innovative products designed for function, to help you improve your processes. With 75 years of experience, we have the design expertise needed to produce custom tags, labels, and label-forms products that will aid in maximizing your production efficiency.

Solutions include: Enclosed Packing Lists, Integrated Form Labels, Barcode Labels

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Multiplex Brochure
MultiPlex™ Enclosed Packing Lists help speed the movement of products through your labeling process. Whether you are labeling open or closed boxes, hand- or auto-applying the packing list labels, or need a return shipping label or gift message, we have multiple print-and-apply enclosed packing list solutions to meet your needs.

MultiPlex Auto-Applied Packing Lists by Chicago Tag & Label
MultiPlex™ Packing Lists will aid in the fast movement of products through your labeling process. Our patented auto-applied packing lists are applied in a ONE step application with ONE label applicator for accurate and reliable alignment of the shipping label and concealed packing list. Static printing is available in various locations to further promote your company branding.

MultiPlex 101 Shipping Label & Enclosed Packing List
The Multiplex 101 shipping label/packing list product is as easy as 1, 2+, 3! 1. Print the Multiplex™ 2+ shipping label and packing list. 2.The packing list is dispensed directly onto the Multiplex™ 101 tray, then the shipping label is dispensed directly on top of the packing list. 3. Simply remove the Multiplex™ 2+ form from the tray and place it on the carton. Our Mutliplex™ 101 tray is compatible with thermal transfer printers that have a rewind/peel option. Call or email us for more information! contact@chicagotag.com

Integrated Form Labels by Chicago Tag & Label
Integrated Form Labels land directly in the hands of your customers - use them to streamline your process, improve accuracy and maximize your company branding. Email us for more information! contact@chicagotag.com

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The Multiplex™ was designed to help our customers with the current challenges of today's fulfillment processes, including labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, increased order volumes, and customer demands for faster shipping times. Multiplex™ reduces steps in your fulfillment process by simultaneously printing and stacking your critical shipping documents, thus eliminating the need to match the packing list and shipping label, which reduces ...
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