Cabka North America

CABKA_IPS, part of the CABKA Group, represents 35 years of expertise in plastic recycling, development, and production. We offer our clients boxes, pallet boxes, and one of the most comprehensive plastic pallet portfolios in the world. We employ 570 people in our American and European locations and deliver to more than 80 countries worldwide. Our products are available in several different materials from low-cost recycled ACM plastic to high-grade, food-safe virgin HDPE. But we use recycled plastic as a more economically and ecologically sustainable alternative whenever the intended use allows for it.
That's because we are convinced: The right material isn't always the most expensive but rather the one that will best and most economically meet the specific demands made on a product. We have taken on the recycling process ourselves at our production locations. We have been working in this demanding field since we started and have refined our expertise step by step.

Cabka North America
123 Byassee Drive
Hazelwood, MO 63042

Phone: 314-731-0302