OneCharge Inc.

OneCharge develops and manufactures lithium batteries for material handling equipment. We offer our customers an advanced energy storage unit based on lithium batteries and we also advise on energy efficiency. In 2012, OneCharge has developed an active battery management system OneCharge Equilizer that transfers charge between battery cells. This increases OneCharge available capacity and significantly increases battery lifetime.

We provide lithium batteries for the new and existing warehouse truck fleets:
- over 550 models for any type of a lift truck;
- completely maintenance-free, sealed batteries (opportunity to reduce maintenance costs);
- wide range of operating temperatures (-20 to +120°F);
- 2-3 times longer lifetime (3000-5000 cycles);
- no "memory effect" (opportunity charging);
- no hazardous waste or explosion safety requirements (special premises are not required);
- low self-discharge (storage without regular charging up to 1 year);
- safe and environmentally friendly.

OneCharge Inc.
16600 Aston
Irvine, CA 92606

Phone: (833) 895-8624