Roller Die + Forming

Roller Die + Forming is a custom roll former which has been in business 75 years supplying a unique combination of complex, custom profiles as well as standard shapes. Over our many years we have built a library of standard sections which is some 1200+ strong available FREE for any customer’s use. These tools can be complimented by custom designed and built pre-punch dies by RDF’s in-house tool room for provide any hole & slot configuration. Many Material Handling customers have relished the low entry cost of converting to roll formed shapes or redesigning an existing system RDF’s portfolio of standard shapes offers. The speed to market with an improved product is an additional benefit without having the long lead time for custom design and build. RDF has an outstanding proven pre-galvanized supply chain with one of our mill sources located 73 miles from our Louisville flagship branch offering grades up to 80 min yield and G-235 coatings. RDF prefers rolling long sections up to 48 feet

Roller Die + Forming
1172 Industrial Boulevard
Louisville, KY 40219

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