Irwin Car & Equipment

Irwin Car and Equipment is a 125+ year old engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in the design and production of custom heavy-duty material handling solutions for a wide array of industries. Irwin produces equipment that is engineered to solve the unique problems of our clientele, in such diverse industrial applications as Steel Mills and Aluminum Mills, Automotive and Aerospace production facilities, Cargo Ports and Shipyards, Aggregate Plants, Railroads, the overhead crane industry, warehouse automation, etc. Our products range from Transfer Cars to AGV's (Automated Guided Vehicles), Steerable Trailers to Gantry Crane Bogie Assemblies, Crane Wheels to Under-hook Scrap/Dump Buckets, and a host of standard and custom wheels, wheel assemblies, sheave wheels and mobility solutions to address the needs of heavy-industry in the most sophisticated or harshest industrial environments. Visit us today at and let us put the "Irwin Advantage" to work for you!

Irwin Car & Equipment
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Irwin, PA 15642

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