Howland Technology, Inc.

Howland Technology, Inc. is a strategic distribution channel partner and authorized integrator of leading mfrs. including Curtis Instruments, CFR Motors, Delta-Q chargers, Kuebler sensors, and other EV products for North America. As an established battery-electric OEM component supplier and EV drive systems Integrator, Howland Technology can offer advantages for start-ups to large OEMs customers working on battery-electrification projects. Howland provides full commercial and technical support for EVs powered by both lead-acid and lithium battery packs. Value-added services include assistance with vehicle design and development including custom hardware and control software integration, pre-loaded charging profiles/algorithms specific to your battery chemistry requirements. Specialized in AC Induction, PMAC and IPM motors used in traction, lift/pump, and power steer/drive wheels. Sensors for speed, position, and precise height measurement.

Howland Technology, Inc.
8129 North Austin Ave.
Morton Grove, IL 60053

Phone: 847-965-9808